what Anthony believes

1./ We are all capable of doing so much more than we think.

2./ Because we are human, we set boundaries around most things early in life to make us comfortable.

3./ We can dramatically change our performance & our happiness by changing what we hold true about ourselves.

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Anthony Bonnici ABOUT


The “Australian Anthony Robbins”… without the cheese.

With an extensive & unique range of keynote presentations and hands-on workshops, the Anthony Bonnici & Move Mountains experience will leave your people inspired to make positive changes to their work and personal lives, and improve their performance & productivity by showing people how they CAN rather than CAN’T.

Anthony’s feature keynote Brain Blinkers – now available as a book – has toured around Australia and the globe. The Brain Blinkers keynote or workshop will help people recognise and remove the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and happiness, improving productivity, self-leadership and engagement in the workplace and beyond.

Anthony is a charismatic, dynamic & super energetic presenter who will leave your audience begging for more. Anthony has 13 years experience in corporate Australia in sales, marketing & people management roles. In addition to face to face selling for 4 years, Anthony turned “middle of the road” sales teams into high performing teams as well as looking after marketing teams with brands worth over $150 million. In 2005 Anthony left the corporate life to follow his dream of creating his own company to inspire and motivate others. He is at ease speaking to any audience, from truck drivers to CEOs. Anthony is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and has been “on stage” speaking & performing since the age of 10. Anthony’s use of real life examples with which all audience levels can identify makes his sessions unpretentious yet incredibly powerful & memorable.

Anthony also provides a range of team building and collaboration programs that are not your standard, run-of-the-mill ropes and races. From using right brain activities such as art and music through to developing TV infomercials, the Move Mountains Collaborate Programs are second to none.

Move Mountains has worked with tens of thousands of people in 5 continents in just 11 years of operation, and continues to wow audiences across the globe.

Anthony's CLIENTS

The session was fabulous! Everybody will talk about their experience for months/years to come. Thank you Anthony for your energy, enthusiasm & motivation!
Laurie Creasey, Schwarzkopf Professional
The Infomercial activity would have to be rated one of the best activities the team has done, it was great to see everyone come out of their comfort zone and get involved. A VERY fun activity! Well done Anthony!
Kelly Coleman, Events Manager, Commonwealth Bank
Once again Anthony provided a stimulating and productive session which culminated in a motivated and cohesive sales team. Anthony can work wonders!
Simon Abbott, National Sales Manager, Allergan

Educate, Entertain & Engage audiences across the globe

Conference/keynote speaking

Anthony has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations around the world in over 10 years of presenting. He has become one of Australia’s most sought after keynote presenters, with clients continuously rebooking Anthony because of his energy, charisma & authenticity.
His signature presentation – Brain Blinkers – helps delegates recognise & remove mental barriers to high performance, thereby resulting in a more motivated and productive team.

Brain Blinkers Logo
Anthony shows people that by removing limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and fear that we are capable of almost anything.

Anthony’s other keynote topics include:
Building Trust
Influencing Broadly
The Language of Body

Team Workshops

Anthony doesn’t just do keynotes. He has a passion for keeping audiences engaged with relevant and inspiring content for half, full and multi-day formats.
In fact, the most popular session Anthony is booked for is the Brain Blinkers half day workshop, where delegates get to prove that they can remove a limiting belief.
Anthony uses art to demonstrate that we are capable of doing much more than we think is possible, and in just 60 minutes every delegate has completed their own individual pastel sketching masterpiece. It is truly an awe-inspiring experience for every delegate, who leaves the session with irrefutable proof that they have just smashed their own limiting belief.


Looking for a cost-effective and powerful way to engage, educate and entertain your staff? Then the Lunch ‘n Learn format is perfect for you. Lock in 12 lunch time sessions over the course of a year and save 80% off our normal speaking rates – it’s a bargain! Click on this attachment to learn more about the topics: anthonybonnici lunchnlearn 2014

NEW: Anthony Bonnici Corporate Retreats

Anthony has collaborated with UNIQ Concepts – a specialist in corporate retreats & events – to help you bring out the best in your people during sales conferences, leadership retreats or any off-site event.

We can tailor any program to your specific needs in terms of venue, duration and budget, or you can choose from one of a range of pre-planned programs that are guaranteed to stimulate, energise and engage your delegates.

Click here to download the e-brochure: UNIQ Corp Retreats_anthonybonnici

Facilitation of Business Results

Anthony is used as an excellent consultant and facilitator of business results in many industries. Whether it is consulting on a specific business project or facilitating an off-site leadership meeting, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and emotional intelligence to the table.

Business who engage Anthony in this capacity include:


Team Building & Collaboration

Through the brand of Move Mountains, Anthony has been delivering team building and collaboration solutions to businesses around the world for over 10 years. The 3 main programs Anthony runs to build a sense of accountability, collaboration and results-focus include:


Teams produce a 60 second infomercial for a specific product and see the fruits of their labor that same evening.


Teams race each other in pedal karts where the pit crew with the slickest process prevails.


Teams create a tailored mural that depends on collaboration and sense of urgency.



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Anthony's BOOK

BRAIN BLINKERS is an entertaining and practical DIY toolkit for the mind. Using real life stories and a no-nonsense, approachable and highly engaging style, Anthony Bonnici provides the reader with exquisitely simple and usable tools to combat the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and success. He explores how recognising and removing our limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fears can:

  • Improve our productivity & effectiveness
  • Enhance our rapport & leadership abilities
  • Reduce our stress
  • Increase our positivity & focus
  • Make us happier

Unlike most other self-help books that are heavy, filled with repetition and are just plain hard work, BRAIN BLINKERS comprehensively entertains and informs. This “bullet-point” approach makes it a must-read for anyone interested in doing more, being better, and engaging more with life.

Anthony's BLACK BOX

Following on from the success of the Brain Blinkers book, Anthony released a limited edition audio-visual resource kit called the Black Box.

The Black Box contains tools and resources that help you continue the self-awareness journey and remind you of the core Brain Blinkers principles.


Each Black Pack contains the following:

  • A 20 minute Skype one-on-one coaching pass (valued @ $150)
  • A “short stack” Brain Blinkers Summary DVD presented by Anthony Bonnici (valued @ $25)
  • A DVD case study of Richard Romano, a man who’s story of change and perseverance following the implementation of Brain Blinkers’ strategies will blow you away (valued @ $25)
  • A Brain Blinkers audio book (CD), narrated by the author himself (valued at $25)
  • A signed copy of Brain Blinkers the book (valued @ $22)


As you can see, the total value of the Black Box is over $240. As an introductory offer, you can purchase it now for just $99!

Anthony's BOOK 2

This book is essential reading for anyone how is a leader, and for anyone aspiring to be a leader.


And that means this is a book for everyone, because we all take on leadership roles in different aspects of our lives.


Anthony is one of 9 world-renowned authors in this must-have leadership text. The book shows you how you can lead yourself and your organisation effectively to achieve

  • higher performance
  • higher rewards
  • higher personal satisfaction, and
  • higher growth


Leadership is examined from multiple perspectives, including the culture, the technological, the generational and downright practical.


Order it now from Anthony’s website and receive it for less than half of the RRP! ($66 inc GST)

Anthony's BOOK :
Brain Blinkers

Anthony's BLACK BOX :
Brain Blinkers black box

Anthony's BOOK 2 :
Emerging Trends in Leadership & Strategy

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